[EN] Trimestrial Newsletter

Arrival at Terrasses Solidaires

View from les Terrasses Solidaires! Que la montagne est belle !


Number of workshops and trainings: 58

  • Sewing, knitting, macrame
  • Bike lessons, bike repairing
  • Electronics
  • Carpentry


Number of workshops and trainings: 7

  • Hygiene/cosmetics DIY
  • Sewing, leather
  • Electronics, solar energy
  • Wood
  • Masonry


Number of workshops and trainings : 5

  • Hygiene/cosmetics DIY
  • Pallets furnitures
  • Eco-construction

Fun part

In the history of the association, a few couples were created and guess what ? Now we also count our first low-tech baby! Congratulations to Jotsna and Thomas! We wish them all the best!

See you at the next newsletter



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Association of general interest which carries out positive and innovative projects in the fields of sustainable development and international solidarity.