Low-tech with Refugees: assessment of the year 2020 and plans for 2021

Finally the year 2020 has been crossed!

At the end of this year, 2 new branches ‘Low-tech with Refugees’ were born, anchored between land, in Briançon and sea, in Marseille.Thus, the EKO! family, guided by Marjolaine, and 100% volunteer, has grown even further! December 31st, we had our 130th team member since the launch of the organization!

The support team at headquarters, November 2020
The Lesvos team, November 2020
The Briançon team, June 2020
The Marseille team, October 2020

1,236 people, displaced and non-displaced, explored various ecological know-how during more than 30 low-tech discovery workshops : sewing, bicycle repair, automobile mechanics, pallet furniture, ecological construction, beekeeping, DIY cosmetics, solar cooking, lacto-fermentation, etc. These are moments of sharing, learning, light shining in the eyes, but it also answers needs, gives opportunities to find vocation, professional and social integration, etc. for people of any age, any cultural and social origin and from any walk of life and background.

Permaculture, seewing, bicycle repair in Briançon
Lacto-fermentation, ecological construction, pallet furniture in Marseille
Bicycle repair, woodworking, power-banks in Lesvos

In 2020, the pandemic greatly increased the vulnerability and needs of our beneficiaries. Our action had to be paused. It was a major break in our action (temporary closure of the Lesvos antenna and of the Low-tech Makerspace, postponement of permaculture design training in Provence, first cancellation of activities, etc.).

On the Greek island of Lesvos, the main hotspot of the European Union, the Moria camp was closed and then burned down, the Pikpa camp was evicted and the general situation get hard. Despite these health and political crises, the Low-tech Makerspace reopened, support for local actors was maintained, activities were organized for mixed audiences but also exclusively women groups, low-tech systems were distributed such as bicycles, power-banks, etc.

The Low-tech Makerspace of Lesvos (left), the camp of Moria after the fire (right)

From now on, it’s time for 2021!!

EKO! is full of energy to pursue its objectives and consolidate its programs.

Delivery of bicycles from Aurillac to Lesvos, January 2021

Permaculture training in Provence and Briançon:

To start the year, more than twenty displaced people and people from Marseille will meet to sow ideas and learn how to plant!

And come and take part in the same training in the valleys of Briançon, where you can recharge your batteries under the summer sun!

Opening of the Low-tech Makerspace in Briançon:

When the ice melts, the mountain will see the birth of a unique and convivial place, a space for learning and sharing. You don’t need to be a wise man to pass through it! What good omens!

Workshops and training for women:

Low-tech with Refugees will develop low-tech workshops and trainings, organized and run by women for women.

Support for professional integration:

In parallel with the activities to strengthen technical skills, the support of the displaced people will support their social and professional integration. The first site will be the Maison Bessoulie, a future third place of solidarity, where several displaced people will be able to be accommodated and welcomed on a long-term basis.

Opening of the Low-tech Makerspace in Marseille:

As the autumn leaves fall, the Low-tech Makerspace Marseille will see the light of day. Bicycles and trinkets will be repaired there, thanks to the tools and knowledge, united together for resilience!

Circular economy:

Winner 2021 of Ashoka’s Appel à solutions, Marjolaine will explore with the other winning social entrepreneurs and in corporate partnership, the potential of the circular economy as a vector for systemic change in our society.

Well done and thank you for your commitment and for your support for inclusive, ecological and solidarity projects!

May this new year see the birth and growth of beautiful and resilient projects, where solidarity, mutual aid and protection of the planet will be at the heart of the action!

We wish you all the best and happy new year 2021!

The whole EKO! team!

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