[EN] End of year newsletter

3 min readJan 17, 2022

September-december, 2021

Marseilles’s trimester focus :

One happy news never comes alone! Last autumn the Briançon’s team moved to Les Terrasses Solidaires
Since late october Low-tech with Refugees Marseille was finally able to move to their new premises at 29 boulevard de Briançon!

The Recyclerie Sportive and EKO! teams in front of the new Marseilles’s local

The former gym center is a 1700m² building and is now shared with La Recyclerie Sportive whose collecting, reusing and redistributing sports equipments. We share the same love of circular economy! As we arrived the whole place was empty. Everything is to build from scratch and we’re hungry!

Low-techs Market

In order to meet and make ourselves known in the neighborhood we’ve organized a “Low-tech market” held on the 19th of December. On the same week-end is the International Migrants day and on this occasion we propose to imagine alternative Christmas holidays with low tech gifts, workshops and animations.

We even shared a good meal made with eco-cookers : 3 differents rocket stoves models that we built a few days before!

Sharing what we have done with a specific partner

We have co-organized a regional event with Ademe on the low-tech approach: What projects should we work on together now? And brought together various actors of the low-tech scene in the PACA region (research actors, associations, communities and companies).

low-techs in PACA : what should we do know?

Low tech being a new field developed at Ademe, we discussed the boundaries of what is and what’s not low tech, and together we thought about these issues using collective intelligence techniques.

Workshops and trainings

  • Numbers of workshops: 7
  • Thematics: hygiene/cosmetics DIY, pallets furnitures, eco-cooker, sewing, woodcraft
  • Numbers of participants: 21
  • Numbers of repaired/created low-tech: 13
  • Partner supported: Régie Service 13, SINGA, Ademe, Kipawa


  • Numbers of workshops and trainings: 12
  • Thematics: sewing, woodcraft, pallets furnitures, zero waste, mosaics, inertia machine
  • Number of participants: 85
  • Numbers of repaired/created low-tech: 32
  • Partner supported: Marcel sans frontière, Maison Bessoulie, Les Terrasses Solidaires


Since October Makerspace Lesvos, a new organization ran by former Low-tech with Refugees Lesvos volunteers, is taking over our activities on the field. Makerspace Lesvos will keep running our activities at the Wanna Be Family community center.

We wish you a happy new year !

See you next trimester for more!




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